I am a community manager, digital content creator and strategist interested in social media, non-profit digital content, collaboration and technology.

I was the Social Media Co-ordinator for the charity Sustrans for three years. I also work with Bristol Museum and Art Galleries, the UN in New York and volunteer with the social media team at Glastonbury Festivals.

I like helping clients use digital to meet business needs, tell compelling stories and creating content that flies.

At Sustrans this included identifying key communications needs, building online communities, and identifying and engaging with significant influencers in the sustainability sector. I also assisted the organisation to use LinkedIn for business development, networking and raising the profile of experienced staff. In this role I trained over 100 members of staff on digital channels.

For the last five years I have worked with organisations like Bristol Museums and Art Galleries, charities like Sustrans and on the social media team at Glastonbury Festivals.

I am currently working with clients like We Mean Business and Bang and Olufsen at Montfort.io. The team works with clients on their digital strategy, social media management and content marketing.

You can follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Want to say hello? Email me: beth@bethanycrowe.co.uk